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Threads: Haunted is a 139-page original comic anthology by the SpiderForest Webcomic Collective. This anthology features 20 short standalone comics, scary and silly, about everything from haunted houses to haunted birdhouses, from skeletons in the closet to possessed robot vacuums, from warlocks and demons to soldiers and hitchhikers.


Stories included in this anthology are:

by Helen Greetham of Earth in a Pocket. A man is haunted for seventy years by the silent ghost of a Roman soldier.

by Daniel Kelly of Saffron and Sage (illustrated by Carlos Ruiz). Teens explore a haunted mansion, but danger lies within.

by Felix Wright of From The Machine. Crossed paths come together again.

by Gheralf & Vayandil of Realm of Owls. The owl family has skeletons in their closet.

by Kirstin Lee of Terrafold. A team of researchers in the desert investigate a whale graveyard.

by Denise Randall of Darwin Comics. During a hellish ritual, demons attempt to once again bind the entity behind Midnight's power... she has different plans....

by G Pike of Title Unrelated. Everything has a soul....

by Katherine Lang of Soul to Call. An earth-bound spirit can't cross over until they have one last taste of a very special dessert.

by Tiffany Ross of The Cyantian Chronicles. If you love something, let it go.

by Ally Rom Colthoff of Chirault. What lies beneath still waters?

by Julian Dominguez of Littlelight Asylum (art by Esther Pimentel, lettered by Toben Racicot). Ghost pranks at Littlelight Asylum.

by KEZ of What It Takes. Ghostly voices and nightmares in the white noise

by Karen Heckman of Last Traveler. A haunted clock predicts time of death.

by Deanna Brigman of Obscurato and Andy Purviance of I, Mummy. A young man and his guinea pig pick up an unusual passenger.

by Andy Purviance of I, Mummy. On a cold winter night Julius is visited by three ghosts.

by L. Potyondy-Edens of Arbalest. Some things aren't what they appear to be.

by Morgan Lees of Corner the Maze. Haunted by the souls of those they have slain, a warlord is defeated at the last by those they have slain.

by Kristen Kiomall-Evans of XII: Of Magic and Muses. A hunter wakes up with a greater prize than they were seeking.

by Kay Rossbach of Ingress Adventuring Co. Cleaning the attic can uncover long forgotten ghosts.

by Christina Major of Sombulus. A magic scavenger and paladin try to outwit a haunted robot vacuum.

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Threads: Haunted

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