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Threads Anthology (Digital Edition)

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is a 136-page original comic anthology by the SpiderForest Webcomic Collective. Featuring 20 short standalone comics, this anthology explores many genres and interpretations of our "Spider" and "Forest" roots, from the surface of the moon, the enchanted tree's of a witch's trap, an arachnid-code-named cyber spy, and a particularly stubborn festival decoration.


Stories included in this anthology are:

by Katherine Lang of Soul To Call. In an oppressive, post-apocalyptic world, two sisters search for stars.

by Tiffany Munro of Stargazer's Gate. Spiders are friends!

by G Pike of Title Unrelated: The cast of Title Unrelated stumbles into a sticky situation.

by A. Laraine Steele of The Ferrin: 3 kids, one intiation dare, one spiderlady, and maybe a snake.

by Star Prichard of Castoff. Vector must learn to face his fears on a journey through the woods.

by Ewa U. of Bits Fair. A large green spider appears in the sky above a desert town.

by Julia Francis of Chronicles of Oro. Mischievous twins disrupt their friend's afternoon nap with magical shenanigans.

by Monica N. Galvan of Moonslayer. A sage turns to dark magic to save the woman she loves.

by Leah Potyondy of Arbalest: A young woman decides that you don't need a temperate climate to have nice trees.

by Sophie Pfrötzschner of Soul's Journey. A patrol of guards gets trapped like flies in a spider's web.

by Mathieu Moyen of 6-Commando. Man meets machine in a battle on the Moon.

On Average, You Eat Seven Spiders a Year by Ally Rom Colthoff of Chirault. While camping out, Teeko deals with an eight-legged visitor.

by KEZ of What It Takes. Survival is never the easiest option.

by Kat Feete of Sunset Grill. The cyberadept Spider hunts a thief... and lands a dilemma.

by Nick Perkins of Cooties. The kids try to create a short film. It doesn't go well.

by Kristen Kiomall-Evans of XII: Of Magic and Muses. Go back to where the wheel first turned and change is the most powerful tool of all.

by EmmaMexi of The Sundown Boys. A witch creates a spell for a loved one.

by Sidney Maris Hargrave of Heracles Knot. A wanderer, a bag of magic oil, and cacti.

by Denise Randall of The Only Half Saga. A spider warrior's life is never a dull one.

by Colby Purcell of Lintier. The party travels the highly dangerous path to Lord Orthridge's Castle.

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Threads Anthology (Digital Edition)

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